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"Priya is an amazing performer with a real gift for captivating a crowd. She has an ability to engage all ages with her performances, and we’ve seen everyone from toddlers to adults enthralled! Priya is professional and reliable, and is a pleasure to work with – we are looking forward to having her perform again at Tullie House this year." Anna Smalley - Head of Collections & Engagement

Priya Sundar is a south asian dance practitioner with more than 2 decades of performing experience. Dance for which Priya has developed deep admiration and devotion has been theme of her life. She believes that the fulfilment of an artist lies not only in learning art for oneself but also seeing the art flourish.She passionately uses dance as the medium of communication.She is a strong and dedicated performer, devoted dance teacher, passionate choreographer and a brilliant workshop leader.

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Choreography is an addiction. You think, rethink and Keep thinking until you reach ultimatum. Priya enjoys choreographic work.

  • Morris-Natyam a dance Fusion
  • Paisley ( 1. Dance about Dowry 2. Dance about Sexual assault)
  • Bollywood cinderella


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Priya is a strong and devoted performer, her performances are audience oriented. She uses dance as a medium. She believes dance is a universal language that can reach all age groups. Priya resides in UK, her audience are from western origin and she takes utmost care in choosing and presenting the dance that reaches the audience.


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Workshops are done with Indian traditional dance using intricate hand gestures, folk dance using properties like sticks, scarf, traditional pots and candles. Priya also organise art workshops at different schools on a regualr basis.


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Priya believes, teaching is an art on its own. She teaches very enthusiastically and passionately. Her passion for teaching will be evident through her art and students. she takes utmost care to teach the art in its pristine form.
Bharatanatyam classes in Stoke -on -Trent - Saturdays 10.00-4.00
Bharatanatyam Lessons in Lichfield - Friday 5.00-7.00.

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Morris Natyam

Morris-Natyam, the fusion of two traditional dance styles: English Morris dance and the Bharatanatyam dance of southern India. The performance intends to demonstrate the potential of this collaboration: a unique and innovative performance that has emerged from the cross fertilisation of cultures through R&D funded by Arts council England.

Project outline

The two dance forms have considerable differences, so we looked for cultural parallels and stylistic similarities. An important element of Bharatnatyam is mime, which often relates tales. Although English Morris dancing has no narrative element, it is traditionally linked to seasonal customs and festivals. Indian culture also has seasonal festivals, for example the Hindu festival of Vijayadashami/ Diwali in October which celebrates the victory of the Good over evil ( victory of Durga over the demon Mahisha). The burning of an effigy corresponds well with the purging fires of English autumnal festivals such as Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Working around the central theme of the changing seasons the dancers first create dances in their own traditional styles and then let the styles mingle. Each dancer begins to explore the other’s steps and style of music, creating something new out of the convergence: Morris-Natyam.

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Paisley is a deeply personal piece of theatre focusing on culture and its development from a woman’s perspective. Set within such a intimate space as a bedroom, we will explore the societal problems set upon ourselves and the lingering scars left behind by our psyche. Be prepared to be taken beyond the realms of these four walls as we uncover a new perspective through the magic of storytelling.

"I love Priya's work, she turned my group of beginners some with very little experience into dancers who performed with such grace, I am glad to have meet her and use priya's services for my project. I would defently use Priya again if I ever felt the need to put on a show of a similar fashion again and would definitely encourage others too take her classes or approach for choreography. Write up from the director-Paisley

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Shanta Rao, artistic Director

Annapurna Indian Dance

Priya Sundar is a dedicated and passionate dancer with exceptional abilities to make dance accessible and enjoyable for all. She has a rare talent for teaching people at all grades and levels of competency whilst fostering creativity and encouragement. Her innovative choreography and dance performance is filled with energy and enthusiasm which is a great joy to watch.

Alison, Workshop participant

Eden valley hospice

I attended an Indian Dance session which Priya delivered at Eden Valley Hospice for a group of staff and volunteers. After a warmup, we learned some basic Bollywood steps and did our best to follow Priya as we did a little routine. We then did some dancing with sticks which was my favourite part of the class. It involved fairly basic moves while beating out rhythms on our sticks ( a bit like English Morris dancing!). I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session which was tailored by Priya to suit the ability (or lack of ability!)of those taking part. The music was great, it was high energy and, best of all, enormous fun. Can’t wait for the next time!

Liesl McViety,Project Manager

Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust

Sunbeams summer holiday fun...💛🎤 What an incredible time we had last week with Priya Sundar learning about the art of Indian dancing! Priya is an exceptionally talented Indian classical dancer, trained in Bharatanatyam. A wonderful and passionate facilitator, Priya gave our lovely Sunbeamers a unique opportunity to access this wonderul artform and experience a real taste of India. We loved it!!! A BIG THANK YOU to Priya for giving her time so generously! THANK YOU to everyone who came and for giving your pennies to help provide more in the future. Here are a few pictures... Namaste💙💛

Head of Collections & Engagement

Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery Trust

Priya is an amazing performer with a real gift for captivating a crowd. She has an ability to engage all ages with her performances, and we’ve seen everyone from toddlers to adults enthralled! Priya is professional and reliable, and is a pleasure to work with – we are looking forward to having her perform again at Tullie House this year./

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