Experience INCREDIBLE INDIA through specially designed workshops. The objective of these workshops are to encourage understanding of other cultures, promoting community cohesion and tolerance.

These workshops are fun for all the age group.

Dance Workshop:

Indian Classical dance is very traditional and it dates back to 400 B.C. have a Glimpses of the traditional dance through the dance workshop. Learn to perform dance moves from the ancient classical dance. Learn to say stories using intricate hand gestures. 

If you fancy a loud music with fast beats then enjoy performing variety of folk dances and Bollywood from INDIA.

Art Workshop:

Indian art is very vast and very intense.

Learn to paint on fabric and glass. Learn the art of Rangoli with colours. Get your hand painted with Henna( herbal paste)


Rangoli                                                                Henna Painting

Workshop and more 

Click on the link above to view slide show about dance and art workshops 

Incredible Indian and dance Workshop

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